Monday, October 31, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


{I'm sipping} Delicious Senche green tea. So. Freekin'. Delicious.

{I feel} Lethargic, bored {H/W} and in pain {Kitteh just practicly ate my nose. *weep*}

{I want} Finish my homework...NOW... Darn, didn't work.

I wish} I felt more confident! I was a student of Oxford University. I had more clothes.

{I need} To not eat so much junk..

{I have} A strange tingling in my feet, and a need to do more outfit posts!

I anticipate} My Haloween party! Hell yeah! Oh, and a photoshoot this Sunday... for my agent!!

{I decided} I really want to spend more time blogging, writing, and making videos! I also want to push myself harder :')

{I love} Procrastination. This chocolate cake my mama made, its like uncooked in the middle and sooo GOOD. Learning Japanese, I'm buying the text books tonight!!! Getting to the end of my h/w, only 4 pieces left...yay?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Strawberry colored lips.

T-shirt ~ H&M Jeans ~ Zara Glasses ~ Marketstall
Loving this t-shirt right now, i love the detail, an at first I didn't notice it was made out of fruit! You could also wear it over a long tank top in a deep blue colour, over tights and a good doc martin?
Right now I'm cradeling a delicious cup of nutella hot chocolate *Mental note...share this recipy with you!
Right guys! Buissy day today, going to Oxford and watching a play! 
Peace out ;)
OH WAIT! I made a GIF!

how do you make gifs

Saturday, October 22, 2011


A shoot with Agnyess Deen for Vouge Uk in the Naimbian dessert. Pretty Freeking Awesome. Possibly my favourite editorial to date, you should deffionately try to get your hands on a copy of uk vouge each month, in my opinion they have the best editorials. Oh, and on that topic, vouge sweden is AMAZING too {And Denmark}

Peace out.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Ok...so the last one is kinda a joke! This is my depression playlist...I Listen to them when i'm depressed!! Then I am uplifted by the last one!!! :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Interveiw II

Hey guys, a few days ago I had the privilege of interviewing possibly the most talented person I know on the internet. She is humble to the extreem, and honeslty I would dye to have her looks! Buba Basheva Is an amazing photogorapher, and only at 14. She has worked with models in the past but normally she takes photo's of herself. She is amazingly talented and creative, infact I think I am alittle starstruck! She is best known for her slightly outragous and boundry pushing work, she really isnt like that goody goody two shoes. Enjoy ;) 

Where do you think your quirky sense of style came from?
I think everything we do and feel, no matter what, comes form our hearts.

Which places {countries} would you most like to visit?
I'm dreaming about visiting Canada! London, New York, MIlan, Paris, Dubai, LA, The Netherlands and many many more. :D

what do you think is your best achievement?
When my acting coach said that I did the best acting performance in my acting course and everybody applaused me hahaha it was an amazing feeling!

where do you like to shop most?
In shopping malls.

Why do you like taking pictures?
It lets me tell stories. Also it helps me develop in acting :)

Any tips, for us amitures?
 I'm also an amateur, but as a bit "better" amateur my advice is; practise as much as you can and to do everything with your heart :)

Favorite food?
I can't leave without salad and oranges! :D 

Thank you so much Buba!!
Have a nice Life!

Peace out! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 Simple outfit today, and all that jazz! Enjoy ;)

Peace out.